Diplomacy and International Law

Requirements: MA in Diplomacy and International Law

(48 credits)

Graduation REQUIREMENTS – Graduate

Requirements and credit counts differ for the various Master’s programs at AUP. Please note that all requirements from previous years can be found in our archive catalogs.

Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00. Students with a GPA of less than 3.00 will be placed on probation. Only two grades of C (or C+) may be counted towards an M.A. degree. Students do not earn credit for grades below C. 

All courses carry four credits unless otherwise noted. 



International Affairs Courses (16 credits)

Course Number Course Name 
PO5005 Philosophical Foundations of International Relations (4 credits)
PO5075 Ecole de Guerre (4 credits)
Select two courses (8 credits) from the following list
Course Number Course Name
PO5031 Global Public Policy
PO5072 The United States & World Affairs
PO5073 Media & Society in the Middle East
PO5025 Communications in the Global Public Sphere
PO5026 Politics and Economics of Global Media
PO5091 Topics (subjects may include: Geopolitics of Emerging Countries; Digital Advocacy and Social Movements)


Modules (8 credits)

Course Number Course Name 
PO5002 Select four (2 credits each)


Law Courses (8 credits)

Course Number Course Name 
LW5000 International Public Law (4 credits)
Select one course (4 credits) from the following list
Course Number Course Name
LW5020 Comparative Law
PO/LW5080 Women, Conflict & International Law
PO/LW5091 Topics (subjects may include: Rule of Law in Russia and China; Islam and Law; Transitional Justice)

Summer Session Requirements (16 credits)

Course Number Course Name
LW5085 Hague Practicum (6 credits)
LW5086 University of Oxford International Human Rights Law Summer Program (10 credits)



Cross-Disciplinary Enrollments 

Depending on individual graduate program requirements, a student may request to take a graduate-level course offered by another department outside the student’s program. Access to such courses is limited on a space-available basis and subject to program director prior approval. However, no more than eight (8) credit hours may be substituted outside the program’s disciplinary base. 


Studying French 

Full-time graduate students may apply to audit one French course per semester. Graduate students who wish to study French may audit one undergraduate course per semester at no additional cost (fall/spring semesters). A placement exam is required to determine the appropriate level. Access to French courses is on a space-available basis. As French is a participatory course, AUP attendance policy applies to French course audits. 

Current graduate students may request to participate in the French Immersion program offered each summer as an auditor. A reduced rate is charged for the immersion, plus a nominal fee to cover the costs of the coffee/croissant break.