Requirements: Parisian Studies Minor


(Minimum grade of “C-“ required in each course)
Course Number Course Name
AH2000 Paris through its Architecture
ES/HI3004 The History of Paris
Three courses from the following:
Course Number Course Name
AH1003 An Introduction to Art through Paris Museums
AR1090 Painting Paris
CL2010 Paris Through Its Books
CL/FR2075 Theatre in Paris
CL/ES3043 The Attractions of Paris
CL/FM3034 Paris Reel and Imagined
LT/CL Intermediate or Advanced Latin with the topic: Lutetia and Paris in Ancient and Medieval Sources
FM/CL3069 The Aesthetics of Crime Fiction
FM/FR3086 French Cinema: La Nouvelle Vague
HI/PO3062 Paris, London, Madrid 1500 to Present



Minors must be completed at the same time as the BA or BS degree. No more than 8 credits from courses taken outside AUP may be applied towards a minor, and these courses must be specifically accepted by the department supervising the minor. In exceptional circumstances, a department may authorize a limited substitution for courses identified as minor requirements in the list above. All courses counting in a minor must be completed with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, with no individual grade lower than “C-.”

Courses taken to satisfy requirements for a minor must include at least three courses which are not being applied towards a major or towards another minor. Courses taken to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements, including FirstBridge courses, may be applied towards a minor. Minors do not appear on diplomas but are noted on students' transcripts. A self-designed minor is an option for students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher; the student and her or his advisor design these minors.