Policy number: AA035EN
Last review date: 28 August 2018
Next review date: 1 November 2021
Issuing office: Academic Affairs


The University recognizes the right of its students to be fully informed about the grading policies used in each class and provides them with an opportunity to appeal when they believe that they have been erroneously or unfairly graded. Students should understand the following: 

  • The American University of Paris presumes that its faculty members are professional and will grade students fairly, consistently and objectively; 
  • A challenge of grade procedure is a serious intrusion upon teaching prerogatives, and needs to be carefully thought through and reviewed before being initiated. 

If a student suspects that an error has been made in recording a final grade, he/she should immediately contact the professor. If an error is detected, professors may request a grade change (see Change of Grade Policy). 

Should a student dispute a final grade, the first required step is communication with the instructor and the department chair or graduate program director, the second step is filing a formal appeal with the Associate Dean. A student may not formally challenge a grade without having followed through the following levels of communication. 


The instructor

When a student wishes to challenge a final grade, the first step is informal. A student contacts his/her instructor with any queries about a grade. This is the moment for the instructor to review grades and grading methodology with the student. At the end of this discussion, if the dispute persists the student would then get in touch with the Chair of the relevant department (or the relevant graduate program director). 


The department chair

A student should only contact the Chair of the relevant department (or the relevant graduate program director) after a thorough discussion with the instructor of the course. The Chair or graduate program director will meet with the student and the faculty member, providing an independent review, helping to mediate the dispute. 

If, after having completed both levels of communication, the dispute persists, a student wishing to formally challenge a final grade must meet all of the requirements for a formal grade appeal. Specifically, the student must: 

  • Be able to demonstrate having followed the above required channels of communication with both the instructor and department chair or graduate program director; 
  • Demonstrate that communication with the instructor regarding the grade was initiated within 30 days of when the final grade was awarded; and 
  • Be able to provide copies of graded assignments along with any other relevant documents to support the appeal. 


Step 1 

  • The student submits a written statement to the Associate Dean. The appeal must be submitted by the end of the semester following the assignment of the grade. 
  • The appeal statement must include all of the following items: 
    • The title of the course and the name of the instructor; 
    • A thorough written statement including details of the grade that was given and the reasons for the appeal; 
    • A copy of all relevant related documents (i.e., papers, exams, etc.). 


Step 2 

  • The Associate Dean will respond in writing within 15 days, acknowledging receipt of the appeal. 

  • The Associate Dean will discuss the issue with the student, the instructor and the chair (program director in the case of a graduate student), seeking informal ways of resolving the disagreement. 

  • If the student is not satisfied with the results of this attempt, and if a minimum burden of proof is met, Step 3 will be implemented. 


Step 3 

  • The Associate Dean will convene the Challenge of Grade Appeal Committee. The Committee consists of the Associate Dean (or his/her representative) who chairs the committee, the department chair (or program director in the case of a graduate student), two faculty members elected from the respective department, the student’s advisor (or a faculty member chosen by the student). 
  • The Committee investigates, consults with all the parties involved, and by a majority vote, decides on an appropriate action decision of the Committee is final. 
  • The Committee sends the involved parties a written response to the appeal. 


Who is affected by this policy: Students and faculty.

Issuing office and contact: The Office of Academic Affairs, 5, boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg Paris, 75007,  Tel. +33 1 40 62 06 04.