All non-EU nationals intending to enroll at AUP must obtain a student visa (VLS-TS) to study in France before leaving their country of origin. Student visa can only be issued from the local French Consulate in the student’s country of residence. The information about obtaining the correct visa is sent from the Office of Admissions to all accepted students. 

Once students arrive in France, they must meet with AUP’s Office of Student Immigration Services (SIS), at which time students will be required to begin their residency application. 

ALL entering students who need to apply for a residency permit in France are required to provide the following: 

  • A copy of their passport; 
  • A copy of their student visa bearing the entrance stamp from the border; 
  • The OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration) Form, which is provided by the French Consulate ; and 
  • A copy of their unabridged birth certificate (in English or in French), mentioning both parents’ names. 

The SIS Office helps all non-EU full-time students comply with these requirements. After the SIS Office submits the required documents to the Préfecture, students will be scheduled for a mandatory medical exam by the OFII. 

Note that it is illegal to enter France under a tourist visa (or with no visa at all) with the intention of studying in France. When registered at a school, students hold “student” status, not “tourist” status. 

Students who live in France without the proper documents are subject to deportation proceedings. This illegal situation can result in serious penalties by the French Authorities in France (Préfecture de Police) as well as the French Authorities abroad (French Consulates). 

Entering students who have questions or concerns about their student visa application should contact their Admissions counselor. Additional information can also be obtained from the local French Consulate and/or Campus France (see or 

Questions or concerns about the “Titre de Sejour” (entering or returning students) should contact the Office of Student Immigration Services (