Undergraduate students may designate one course per semester to be graded “Credit/No Credit” (“CR/NC”). The student must choose this option no later than the deadline date for withdrawal from a course, and once exercised, this option cannot be revoked. Any courses can be taken “CR/NC,” however, it is not recommended for courses in the major. The granting of “CR” means that the student has satisfactorily completed the requirements of the course with a grade at least equal to “C.” Credits so earned will count toward graduation requirements, but will not be used in the computation of the grade point average.

Once the CR/NC option is invoked, any letter grade submitted by the professor that is a “C-“ or below, will result in an NC grade and zero awarded credits. Courses taken under the CR/NC grading option are not taken into consideration when course repeats are calculated, therefore, a student who is repeating a poor grade will not see an improved GPA when the same course is repeated under the CR/NC grading option. It is not recommended to repeat courses with the CR/NC option as there will be no positive impact on the overall GPA. Students electing to take a course “CR/NC” are not eligible for Provost’s List during that semester.