Requirements: Middle Eastern and Islamic Cultures Minor


(Minimum grade of “C-“ required in each course)
Course Number Course Name
ES/HI2010 Early Islamic History, 600-750 AD
Four courses focusing on the Middle East offered in any discipline, for example:
Course Number Course Name
HI1015 History of the Middle East I
HI1016 History of the Middle East II
ME2010 Situating the Middle East I
ME2020 Situating the Middle East II
ME2030 Encounters between the Middle East and the West
AH2024 Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture
CM4073 Media and Society in the Arab World
ES/HI3017 Mediterranean Urban Culture: The Islamic City: History, Spaces, and Visual Culture
FM3076 Arab Cinema
PO3072 Politics of the Middle East
ES/FR3090 Topics (Sorbonne, if the topic is appropriate)



Minors must be completed at the same time as the BA or BS degree. No more than 8 credits from courses taken outside AUP may be applied towards a minor, and these courses must be specifically accepted by the department supervising the minor. In exceptional circumstances, a department may authorize a limited substitution for courses identified as minor requirements in the list above. All courses counting in a minor must be completed with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, with no individual grade lower than “C-.”

Courses taken to satisfy requirements for a minor must include at least three courses which are not being applied towards a major or towards another minor. Courses taken to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements, including FirstBridge courses, may be applied towards a minor. Minors do not appear on diplomas but are noted on students' transcripts. A self-designed minor is an option for students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher; the student and her or his advisor design these minors.