Requirements: Latin Minor


(Minimum grade of “C-“ required in each course)
Students must master Latin at least to the Intermediate II level (LT 3050 with a minimum grade C or placement).
One course from the following list:
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
AH1000 Introduction to Western Art I None
AH2011 Ancient Art and Architecture None
CL1025 The World, the Text, and the Critic I None
HI1001 History of Western Civilization up to 1500 None
HI1005 World History to 1500 None
LT4050 Advanced Study in Latin with a suitable reading program (e.g. selections from Latin historians) LT3050CCI OR LT3050GE100 OR LT3050
Four courses in Latin:
Course Number Course Name
Elective 1 Either courses from the Latin program (LT 1001, LT 1002, LT 2001, LT 3050 and LT 4050) or courses offered with the ClassicsBridge option (4 credits + 1 credit directed study). This can be any course in which coursework includes readings of literature or other written sources in Latin, e.g. the overview courses above, if not taken to fulfill the overview requirement.
Elective 2
Elective 3
Elective 4



Minors must be completed at the same time as the BA or BS degree. No more than 8 credits from courses taken outside AUP may be applied towards a minor, and these courses must be specifically accepted by the department supervising the minor. All courses counting in a minor must be completed with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, with no individual grade lower than “C-.”

Courses taken to satisfy requirements for a minor must include at least three courses which are not being applied towards a major or towards another minor. Courses taken to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements, including FirstBridge courses, may be applied towards a minor. Minors do not appear on diplomas but are noted on students' transcripts. A self-designed minor is an option for students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher; the student and her or his advisor design these minors.