Requirements: Environmental Science Minor


(Minimum grade of “C-“ required in each course)
Course Number Course Name
SCxxxx Any two SC coded courses
One course from the following (4 credits):
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
MA1020 Applied Statistics I MA0900 or placement above
MA1025 Functions with Modeling None
MA1030 Calculus I MA1025CCM OR ELECMA-30 OR MA1025GE120
Two courses from the following:
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
BA3012 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Major=International Business Administration OR Major=Marketing AND College Level=Junior
CM2001 Public Speaking in the Digital Age EN1000 OR EN1010 OR EN2020CCE
CM2012 Digital Journalism None
CM3005 Public Relations and Society EN1000 OR EN1010 OR EN2020CCE
CM3012 Feature & Investigative Journalism CM1011 OR CM2012 OR EN1010 OR CM1011CCR
CM3046 Media Law, Policy and Ethics None
AN/CM3080 Environmental Anthropology None
CM4016 Global Advocacy (Major=Journalism OR CM2051 OR CM2051CCR) AND EN2020 OR EN2020CCE
CM4017 Media and War None
EC3033 Economics of Technology EC2010GE110 AND EC2020GE110
EC3042 Economic Development EC2010GE110 AND EC2020GE110
EC3043 Economics of Sustainable Development EC2010GE110 AND EC2020GE110
EC3076 Public Economics EC2010GE110 AND EC2020GE110
FM3063 Making a Documentary CM1019CCI OR FM1019CCI OR CM1019CCDI OR FM1019CCDI
PL1021 Ethical Inquiry: Problems and Paradigms None
PO/GS2005 The Political Economy of Developing Countries None
PO2012 Introduction to Political Geography and Geopolitics None
PO3035 Waters of the Globe College Level=Junior OR PO1011GE110 OR PO1012
PO3051 Global Political Economy College Level=Junior OR PO1011GE110 OR PO1012 OR PO1012CCR
PO/LW3061 International Law College Level=Junior OR PO1011GE110 OR PO1012
  Any course in Computer Science, Math or Science A topics, issues, project, or seminar class or internship in another field that relates to the environment, subject to the approval of the CSMS department and course professor.  



Minors must be completed at the same time as the BA or BS degree. No more than 8 credits from courses taken outside AUP may be applied towards a minor, and these courses must be specifically accepted by the department supervising the minor. All courses counting in a minor must be completed with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, with no individual grade lower than “C-.”

Courses taken to satisfy requirements for a minor must include at least three courses which are not being applied towards a major or towards another minor. Courses taken to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements, including FirstBridge courses, may be applied towards a minor. Minors do not appear on diplomas but are noted on students' transcripts. A self-designed minor is an option for students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher; the student and her or his advisor design these minors.