Reqs: MSc in Strategic Brand Management (48 credits)

Requirements and credit counts differ for the various Master’s programs at AUP. Please note that all requirements from previous years can be found in our archive catalogs.

Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00. Students with a GPA of less than 3.00 will be placed on probation. Only two grades of C (or C+) may be counted towards an M.A. degree. Students do not earn credit for grades below C.

All courses carry four credits unless otherwise noted. 

Core courses (26 credits)

Course Number Course Name
CM 5002 Brands and Belief
CM 5091 Issues in Contemporary Brand Management
CM 5022 Place Branding
CM 5066 Branding Practicum
BA 5001
BA 5035
Accounting and Management Control
International Financial Management
BA 5041 Marketing Strategy (2 credits)
BA 5062 Management and Complexity (2 credits)
BA 5071 Strategic Management (2 credits)


Elective courses (14 credits)

Select from the following list. At least 6 credits must come from each discipline (CM or BA).

Course Number Course Name
BA 5000 Quantitative Platform for Management and Social Sciences (2 credits)
CM 5004 Global Digital Cultures
CM 5013 Business of Fashion
CM 5018 Digital Tools in Context
CM/PO 5026 Political Economy of Global Media (2 credits)
CM 5033 Material Culture & Values
CM 5062 Digital Writing Practicum
CM 5063 Sustainable Development Practicum
CM 5068 NGO Practicum
CM 5089 Visual Design Practicum
BA 5001 Accounting and Management Control (if not taken in core)
BA 5012 Management Ethics and Theory 
BA 5021 Organizational Behavior (2 credits)
BA 5022 Human Resources (2 credits)
BA 5035 International Financial Management
BA 5042 Brand Management (2 credits)
BA 5061 Sustainability Management (2 credits)
CM 5020 Module: 3D Branding Visual Artistry in Fashion (2 credits)
CM 5020 Module: Social Media Strategies (2 credits)
CM 5020

Module: Digital Communications by Social Impact (2 credits)

CM/BAxxxx Any other rotating modules authorized by the Program Director
CM/BAxxxx Any CM or BA course at the 5000 level with the advisor's authorization
BA 5019 Consulting Methods (if not taken below) (2 credits)
BA 5099 Thesis Methods (if not taken below) (2 credits)


Methods Course (2 credits)

Course Number Course Name
BA 5019 Consulting Methods (2 credits, pre-requisite for XX5098)
BA 5099 Thesis Methods (2 credits, pre-requisite for XX5095)


Capstone (6 credits)

Select one of the following:

Course Number Course Name
CM/BA 5098 Capstone Internship (6 credits)
CM/BA 5095 Capstone Thesis (6 credits)